ARDAK is a VOSB, founded in 1985 by leveraging analyst’s expertise gained while working in the Intelligence Community (IC) and has been operating contiguously since then; for over 33 years. By utilizing proven intelligence techniques extended from the IC, many of ARDAK’s products have been considered by many as the Aerospace & Defense (A&D) industry’s “gold standard” and the “Standard & Poor’s" of Indirect Rate Analysis.

The ARDAK Advantage

ARDAK maintains the most sophisticated CI/CA/PTW Intellectual Property (IP) in the industry.  Our clients have leveraged our IP in support of corporate strategy, annual operating plans, individual captures, competitive assessments, Price To Win, M&A for over thirty years. Leveraging our IP has resulted in over a 92% Win Rate and actionable strategy through executable plans.

ARDAK Quick Response Capability (QRC)

ARDAK is constantly analyzing industry, agency, and competitor data for input into ARDAK Intellectual Property (IP). For those customers that have executed annual Basic Ordering Agreements (BOA’s) with ARDAK they maintain first right of refusal and QRC status. However as proposal deadlines approach, capture teams may find themselves missing critical data. By leveraging the results of decades of analysis maintained within our DataMarts, ARDAK has the scale and market expertise to respond with targeted and actionable intelligence, even under the tightest of timelines.

Data Collection and Analysis

ARDAK support is based entirely on public domain data sources. While ARDAK does not normally disclose sources or methods, the company is prepared at all times to identify public domain sources for specific support provided. ARDAK support is based solely on unclassified and non-proprietary information. All information is gathered in a manner consistent with our client’s and the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals’ Code of Ethics.

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    ARDAK Contract Exploitation System (ACES)

    ARDAK’s Contract Exploitation System (ACES) contains all federal government prime contract actions since 1985. ACES temporal DataMart maintains five consecutive years of data online, has over twenty-three million transactions, and exceeds two terabytes. The database is constructed from FPDS-NG data feeds that have been cleansed, corrected and augmented with other data sources and proprietary algorithms to correct errors and create a standard baseline for analysis.

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    ARDAK's Business Development Database (BDD)

    Contains New Starts, Re-competes, FY08-Present;

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    ARDAK's Wrap Rate Datamarts (AWRD)

    AWRD contains nearly two decades of statistical information on wrap rates derived by ARDAK inclusive of the following for each market Sector (Professional/Technical Services, Logistics, Systems Integrators, etc.) analyzed:

    Cost Center ID (Cage#/Duns/Geographic Location)

    Fringe, Overhead, and G&A Summary Values

    Each element of Fringe, Overhead, and G&A

    Material Handling

    Fee Analysis

Case Studies

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    Contractor Cost Containment Initiative

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    PREDICTIVE Indirect Rate Analysis

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    A&D Pension Fund Analysis

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    PREDICTIVE Final Production Rate (FPR)

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    IRAD / CRAD Analysis