Segment Growth Analysis

Narrative analysis is also given with charts and graphs for a complete picture. An example would be that IA Communications Facilities Segment for this particular Fiscal year accounted for 69.62%. However this segment accounted for less than 1% of the Fiscal year contract awards.

Historical data, contract types, customers, contract awards, programs, contractors, opportunities, re-competes products, equipment and services, R&D, and evolving technologies are all part of the market analysis.

IA Segment CAGR
IA Communications Facilities Segment 69.62%
Secure Optics Segment 33.83%
IA Computer Science R&D Segment 32.87%
Communications Security Segment 29.32%
IA Telecomm Equipment & Services Segment 22.85%
IA Training Segment 22.03%
IA Quality Assurance & Test Segment 18.93%
IA Program Support Segment 17.99%
Secure ADP Segment 14.22%
IA Communications R&D Segment 8.33%
IA Operations Research Segment 5.94%