Portfolio Analysis


Given the importance of an executable strategy it must to be validated. Not only to justify the time and effort in developing AOPs, but to drive value to shareholders, and to your most important asset your employees. Ongoing validation is the most effective way to measure the cohesiveness of your strategy and business development team, and to identify and grow each capability imperative to maintain and grow your customer base. ARDAK’s Portfolio Analysis IP allows for a direct mapping of strategic objectives to contracts bid and contracts won thereby insuring that your strategy is accurate and sustainable.


Only by having the capability to distinguish between an effective strategy and effective execution will provide sufficient visibility into each that requires optimization. By analyzing contracts bid, PWIN Rates, and your pipeline, ARDAK’s IP provides significant visibility into the effectiveness of your strategic plan and business capture strategy. By leveraging ARDAK’s IP your clients can deploy a forward thinking strategy that leverages past performance while building on execution simultaneously which provides a compelling competitive advantage in every domain. The more knowledge you have about your own contract base, the more opportunities you’ll have to build success. By the continuous use of ARDAK’s A&D Analytics our clients are constantly gathering data, conducting postmortems, and optimizing their Strategic and Business Development practices.


The ability to develop a successful strategy through execution model is not only necessary in cultural transformation, but critical to portfolio expansion. Our clients begin the process by utilizing ARDAK’s A&D Analytics to leverage past performance from current to adjacent markets, identify market and capability gaps, and then utilize ARDAK’s IP to populate an executable pipeline based upon budget trending, contract analysis, and PWIN Rates a conservative yet accurate portfolio expansion plan can be developed.


The continuous alignment of strategy and execution facilitates value creation by creating unique and sophisticated offerings that differentiate our clients, by applying their brand to every product and service in their portfolio. By leveraging ARDAK’s IP our clients can make modifications to their strategy or individual components to their strategy, quickly gauge the effectiveness, and realign if necessary. Quality, innovation, profitability, and growth are all dependent upon a well aligned strategic plan. By integrating ARDAK’s A&D Analytics into their strategic plans our clients can focus their creativity on innovation not operations.

Pipeline Development

The end result of well aligned Strategic and Business Development plan is a qualified pipeline. Not in the sense of qualified leads but in a sense that a pipeline meets the Strategic and Business Development goals. Without integrating ARDAK’s A&D Analytics into the pipeline development process, it can be all too easy to discover that you’ve got a large revenue deficiency, too few qualified late stage opportunities to be able to meet publically stated objectives, that the business you are closing doesn’t align with corporate strategy, and that these issues could and should have been identified and addressed much earlier in the sales cycle. Our clients populate an executable pipeline based upon leveraging ARDAK’s Contract Exploitation System (ACES), and then applying PWIN Rates to develop a go to market strategy that directly maps to portfolio expansion goals early enough to avoid these pitfalls.

Go To Market Strategy

By leveraging ARDAK’s IP clients can predict likely current and future outcomes, identify market and capability gaps for systematic process improvements in attracting, engaging, qualify and converting more of the right sort of captures. That’s why ARDAK’s IP now includes a pipeline development function that is exclusively focused on researching, identifying, developing and qualifying early-stage opportunities that maps directly to corporate strategy.