Market Analysis

Jumping unprepared into new markets or staying too long in a dying market isn’t a risk most companies can afford to take. Staying on top of changing markets requires research and competitive intelligence. ARDAK market analysis is your basis for making sound decisions about where to utilize your resources.

  • Identification of the key technologies within the market sector.
  • Identification and ranking of the leading commands and agencies that constitute the market sector.
  • Identification, ranking and market share definition of the companies operating within the market sector.
  • Identification of the major programs within the sector.
  • Identification of major funding sources (by DoD appropriation account category and DoD Program Element).
  • Projection of the market’s future size and trends (projections may be short term (5-year U.S.) or long term (10-years).

Areas of experience in Market Analysis

  • Space Market (military and NASA)
  • U.S. Tactical Communications Market
  • DoD and NASA Training and Simulation Market
  • World Space Market (ground, space segments)
  • U.S. Federal Government Communications Market
  • U.S. Federal Government Information Systems Market
  • U.S. Federal Government UAV Market
  • U.S. Federal Government Intelligence Market
  • U.S. Federal Government and DoD Technical Services Markets
  • IT Offshore Outsourcing Market
  • IT Nearshore Outsourcing Market
  • Information Assurance Market
  • Over 150 Other Markets
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    Market Structure & Segmentation

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    Market Forecast

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    Market Summary

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    Segment Growth Analysis