Wrap Rates

One of the most valuable pieces of derived data you can obtain is a Wrap Rate from ARDAK. When you know this number, you know what drives your competitor’ burdened cost basis. ARDAK has been providing Wrap Rate Derivations in competitive procurements for over 25 years. Throughout this time, ARDAK’s Wrap Rate Derivation model and associated data marts have stood the test of time.


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    Rate Multiple:

    The multiple of overhead, fringe, and G&A rates, without regard to fee. For companies, groups or divisions representing multiple cost centers, the rates reflected herein represent composites.

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    The methodology employed is proprietary to ARDAK Corporation. All input data is unclassified, nonproprietary public domain information.

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    Sector Size:

    Sector averages are based on 101 companies/divisions analyzed in the past year. Of these, TRW ranks #27 in plant rates (26 less expensive) and #11 in site rates.

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    Rates Trend:

    Stable. Performance trend suggests rate are stable or trending downward.

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    Confidence Level: Moderate.

    This derivation is within the historic range. It is based on analysis of adequate data. Accuracy assessed as plus/minus 3{8a29504cfdfa8fd48fa2e2590d7a066fae1dc8b7a51ae83295088a0f56b661f3}.