Platform / Solution Centric opportunities are those that involve a customized solution such as a software development effort or developing a platform such as a weapon system. In either case ARDAK will leverage the appropriate components within our IP so that our clients will have full visibility into the cost buildup. Consequently not only do ARDAK’s clients have an opportunity to review each detailed component of cost build up, but provide input at the cost element level, and should their opinion differ, ARDAK can quickly modify the data element, run it through our cost models, and provide our clients with the associated delta to the overall PTW within 24-48 hours.

Price To Win

Initially ARDAK will develop individual Wrap Rates for each competitor prime and subcontractor, develop the BOE’s, perform Labor Category Analysis, and then apply the Fee. ALL components of the aforementioned IP will then be used as input into ARDAK’s Platform / Solution Centric Cost Models.

Platform / Solution Centric Cost Models

ARDAK has developed numerous Platform / Solution Centric Cost Models by leveraging individual components within our IP and using them as input into ARDAK’s proprietary cost models. The following Platform / Solution Centric Cost Models have been developed and are continually enhanced by ARDAK:

Software Development

ARDAK developed software development PTW models that take into consideration differing Software Development Methodologies (SDM) such as Waterfall, Rapid Application Development (RAD), Agile Development Methodology, DevOps Deployment, and Prototype. ARDAK’s SME’s have been responsible for the Software Architecture, Design, Development, and Management of software development efforts in excess of 1000 man years. Example of this type of analysis may be found within our commercial derivative cost model.

Life Cycle Costs (LCC), Limited Rate Initial Production (LRIP), and Full Rate Production (FPR) PTW Model

ARDAK developed sophisticated models to calculate the costs associated with LCC/LRIP/FPR, by leveraging complex learning curve analysis coupled to ARDAK’s IP. An example of this analysis is shown below:

Fixed and Rotary Wing PTW Model

By leveraging the experience of several aviation SME’s coupling their input to ARDAK’s IP, ARDAK developed a robust airframe cost model inclusive of Recurring and Nonrecurring sub cost models. An example of the analysis may be found below:

Commercial Derivative PTW Model

Leveraging similarity analysis from dozens of commercial programs, ARDAK developed a Commercial Derivative PTW Model. An example of the analysis may be found below: